Monday, February 20, 2012

neighbours 2012

I'm sorry I kind of lost track of what was happening in Neighbours the last couple of weeks, but luckily now I'm back on it I see very little has changed. Kate is still in Port Douglas, the only difference being sex with surftaneous boyfriend has curled her hair (geez I have got meaninglessly coarse, I mean just look at the post below). Rhys, according to today's Neighbours teaser, is going to crush Toadie and Sonya like ants. He seems to be giving them fairly good advice at this point but what would I know. I wonder if he is charging them for this offhand consult. What is the age difference between Callum and Sophie? Seems like he's 9 and she's 29. I reckon Karl should have scheduled an appointment with Sophie just like Rhys should have scheduled one with Toadie and Sonya.

According to Karl, Rhys has monkeys.Well, he's talking about the affect of caffeine on Rhys' monkeys' sperm count. I imagine that will be one hell of a scene when he does his expermiments.

As per Karl and Paul's conversation a few weeks ago about raising children, where Paul's huge amount of children was ignored, now all this stuff about how Sophie only has Kate, what about Sophie and Kate's brother, Harry?

Kate is so going to go back to Ramsay Street.

Channel 11 always spills over7 pm with Neighbours. I blame Labby and Stav.

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