Tuesday, February 21, 2012

neighbours 2012

So Rani was sitting on the bed, listening to her iPod, and Sophie was just sitting underneath it? Huh?

Now the ads are on, I'll just mention what else I've been doing lately. I've been riding the brompton (no, it's not a bike, it's a brompton - actually it's a Brompton) a lot, and I'm loving it, even when it's hot and gruelling. I don't know why. I particularly enjoy it as the ride home goes on, because I get to go through Pascoe Vale and North Coburg, both of which are charming places. And once I'm in the 19th century grid of the northern suburbs I can basically go a different way each time, more or less, always know where I'm headed and at the same time I'm, you know, going a different way each time. Also of course I can listen to podcasts (this morning it was This American LIfe, this afternoon it was In Our Time and Thinking Allowed).

Karl wears shirts like mine. I guess I'm his age. Maybe. I just looked Alan Fletcher up and he's 8 years older than me.

I see Sophie did mention Harry just then. That's a relief. I thought maybe he'd been unmade.

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