Wednesday, April 18, 2007

i'm coming out

Very soon, I shall reveal myself to you to be a 42 year old person. I have known since I was 8 that this was my destiny - not the revelation but the fact.

It will also be the year in which I embrace my inner Korean. I have enrolled in Korean lessons at the CAE and to aid in my learning of Korean, I have purchased a Korean drama series on DVD, entitled Hot Buns. I was pleased to discover that the buns in question are literal. I was also happy to note that the series comes with English (my birth language) subtitles.

Otherwise, I could not really give the proverbial loose root about my birthday. On the day itself Mia and I are going to see Keating the Musical with Fran and Stephen the mere anticipation of which is a year's highlight, but I'd be up for that anytime, and the birthday aspect is not going to take or add to it. I have reached birthdayvana.

This week I have been reading of:

James Hamilton-Paterson: Amazing disgrace
James Freud: I am the voice left from rehab
Ian McHarg: Design with nature
Old issues of Juke 1982 and 1984
Gippsland Times 1953
The New Yorker, April 2007
The bible (nah, just put that in 'cos it looks posh).

Current mood: crumbly
Listening to: Scritti Politti White bread black beer... agennn!!!


Dorian said...

Well that's what you get if you multiply six by nine.

boy moritz said...

(sigh) I wish I knew what to say.

a. bluth said...

when in doubt i find anyo helps.