Wednesday, April 11, 2007

wannabe, starting something

I had a sit-down coffee this morning before coming into the office (which much to my surprise had its door wide open, because much to my surprise a tech person was at my desk, I thought it was a porn bust, obviously requiring the planting of porn onto my hard drive, but in fact I'd logged a computer problem last Wednesday then completely forgottenabouddit), and I made a list of the publications I'd promised the world this year. Including all variations: co-writes, conference papers which won't technically be publications (the 2 conference papers I'm doing that aren't intended to see print are the outcome of research that will eventually make it to a book in a couple of years, touch wood), etc, and a co-edited book, there are 16. Sixteen! Completed to date? Well, there are two that have definitely been accepted, and two more that are at least in the 'system' and, touch wood again (there is no wood in this office, unless this desk top is wood, it's hard to tell) will eventually be published in some shape or form. The rest is all in my oversize head, bar a few unreferenced intros and abstracts. I really must...zzzzzzzzz


Anonymous said...

Uh, can I have the chair that you're sitting on?

David said...

Sure! But - tsk - you're anonymous

boy moritz said...

How bout a bite of that hot dog?