Sunday, February 04, 2007

coburg trash and treasure

The following overheard at Coburg trash and treasure, but wait! I have to set it up for you somewhat, and this will take more space than the actual recollected conversation, so be warned.

One stall was selling many pictures of racehorses, some of them crossing the finish lines some just having recently been awarded stuff at races, etc. I didn't hear the actual question asked of him, but I'm guessing it was about Phar Lap, because Phar Lap is the only stuffed horse I know of. What follows is honest to god the gist of what I heard:

Woman: Do you have any pictures of Phar Lap?
Stallster: Yes, not here but I can bring them next week
Woman: Is he alive [in the pictures]?
Stallster: Of course he's alive, what do you mean, he's not lying on his side with saliva coming out of his mouth. If you go and see him now he's stuffed and he's standing up but he's still dead.

I'm seriously telling you the honest truth, that as the woman and her companion examined the pictures of horses, the stall guy said 'They're all dog food now.'


Meredith said...

Good one. Honest truth - strewth - what would be dishonest truth?

David said...

I am sure we could finagle a dishonest truth if we thought about it for 2 minutes but geez, it's sunday.