Monday, February 26, 2007

hey there, hoopla!

Two things happened within 24 hours: Broadmeadows is revealed by the Age to be the most disadvantaged area of urban Melbourne (featuring a picture of a woman walking past a rundown shopping strip - with a beagle no less) and the circus comes to town.

You know how it is when you're walking home and you see circus vans go past on the road and you think 'oh circus, if only you'd come to my town'. And then when the vehicles turn into the drive ahead of you and you suddenly realise - it's all happening three minutes' walk from your house! Camels and shetland ponies! (and cows, which is a bit confusing). It's a genuine circus!!! More pics as things unfold.


Meredith said...

And unfold they will. Bring on the sparkly dancing ladies.

Enid B said...

Be a love and get us some brushes, will ya.