Sunday, November 05, 2006

where have I been?

Terriffic question, even if that's not the way to spell teriffic. I have been to Donovan's in St Kilda; to the Dave Graney, Clare Moore, Mark Fitzgibbon Point Blank show; to Healesville; to the computer to write a chapter of my book; to the television to watch The Sopranos from last week; to the park with the dogs; to Readings; and since you asked I have also been to me.

Tonight I shall be on 3CR all going well. I will be playing 'Funkytown' by Lipps Inc., 'Telephone' by Dr. Agony and traxx by World's End Press, Mackenzie Theory and Todd Rundgren.

(Later: I did not play 'Funkytown', 'Telephone', or Mackenzie Theory. I did play 'Gay Guys' by the Dugites, 'Ship to Shore' by Dub Narcotic, 'A Slow Ride into Hell' by Mercury Spectres, 'Cool' by Love of Diagrams and 'Sexbeat' by Adalita, though, so you would have had a great time, if you'd been listening).


Richard Forster said...
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Galaxy said...

What about Paradise? Have you been to Paradise? Or is that moot since you've been to me. You. Whatever.

I still haven't watched last week's episode of The Soprano's. Or Oz. I've been marking TV assignments by students who obviously don't watch TV. I didn't know such people existed.

David said...

Yes, of course I have been to Paradise, and Eden. I have yet to return to Eden however.

No-one doesn't not not watch television.

Blood Orange said...

I had to go and look "terrific" up in the dictionary.

paul wicker said...

christ on a bike