Monday, November 27, 2006

letterboxes of jacana pt 4

The Hutchence; The Neeson


Sophie said...

David, I'd be keen to hear what your naming strategies are. For eg. The Hutchence makes me think of stories about David Cassidy (and, no doubt, Michael) putting parts of their anatomy through their front gate, for the pleasure of adoring fans. But perhaps that is not what you meant to evoke?

Also, I am very enamored with this series in general.

David said...

Spot on with the 'Hutch'.
As for the others, Monday morning imaginations need to be exercised

because she made me said...

oooh. lovely. hooray.
indeed, hooray.

Meredith Jones said...

I thought the Hutchence was all about his mode of death... Don't get the Doc Neeson one though