Thursday, November 02, 2006

canberra-sydney train

I can’t recall how long it’s been since I travelled Canberra-Sydney on a train, and it’s a very pleasant experience. Have probably been on the rails for about two hours now, and it’s still not quite dark, so that's ace. The train is very squeaky indeed but that’s OK and I have two seats to myself which touch wood (actually there’s none around) will continue to the end. The first class carriage, which a few passengers including my befuddled self, accidentally got into at the Can end, is humorously now entirely empty. We are coming to Moss Vale now. One of those places which I’ve never really known or cared where it was. I think because it has such a pathetic name. Yes, I am cranky, because I haven’t slept much, ok? Also, I finished reading my second INXS bio in a week and the whole schtick pisses me off. Also, I was in the NLA all day, which is terrific in itself but I do always like to soak up a bit of Can ambience and in this case this was not really possible. I didn’t even make it to Gus’s.

Mittagong. One of those places I have never really had much time for. I think Mark Callaghan lives there. Or he used to. Or he lived somewhere beginning with M. Or his name begins with M. Possibly. Some poor sod’s getting off here. How absurd. I feel I should laugh contemptuously.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you're funny when you're tired and cranky.

You should only laugh contemptuously 10 minutes after the train leaves Mittagong.

Anonymous said...

will you be able laugh contemptously and nose-breathe at the same time?

David said...

Yes I will be able do that.

Anonymous said...

It's not that easy. I have tried it myself, a few times.

David said...

Other people need to be quite quiet for it to be effective.

I may title my autobiography You should only laugh contemptuously 10 minutes after the train leaves Mittagong - or perhaps with appropriate spaces that could be a page-long poem in my collected.