Tuesday, November 14, 2006


A blog is like a pet rock. You promise to always cherish and nurture it, and then you do not. Anyway. I am gettingthingsdone in other areas right now. You better believe it. Though I still haven't read Lady Cilento's My Life and that was so on my to-do list (private joke amongst myself). Anyway I will be out of town for a few days and will get back to you all ASAP. Inspired by Eddy's response to my post below, I will leave you with my current faves:

Scritti Politti (but you knew that) most recent and earliest work (you knew that too)
AC/DC 'Little Lover'
Tucker Bs Chubby
Crayon Fields album
Company Caine Product of a Broken Reality
New Estate
Purple Hearts

and probably, since I was just delivered of it, though haven't actually heard it yet

Love Cuts Kill album


sado snazzy said...

Speaking of which.
Did you read The Punk Drunk Librarian's blog in reference to AC/DC?

David said...

I should check that out. So I know what to THINK

lucy tartan said...


boy said...

With this new layout, the page twiggs out when I click on it. Tells me my information is not secure. You trying to hack my shit?

sado snazzy said...

Sometimes i think i know what to think.
In reality i just haven't been told yet.
I like the purple.

nice mooshy said...

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