Monday, November 13, 2006

it's a monday morning

At 4:41 am. Monday morning is typically my favourite time of the week, since I got my present job, so I am happy to get as much of it as possible, though I didn't really enjoy waking up from a dream that I was trying to squeeze out of a rock chamber and Dannii Minogue was somewhere about.

On Saturday Mia and I went to Shane's barbecue and met Felix Pictdutto-Warlow. He seems utterly charming in every way. It was his first time in a pub so I hope he doesn't get spoilt as the Labour in Vain is a cut above, particularly the rooftop. We gave Shane a very 'I'm 34' album as a present, Mayo Thompson's Corky's Debt to His Father, easily an all-time top 5 in my personal chart.

New Estate played an incredible show that evening. All the other bands were hot too. It was quite a night.

Sunday I slept too much but I'll manage. And obviously I have corrected it by getting up at 4 this morning.

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Anonymous said...

corky continually interrupts my life and every since 30 has been rising in my top 10 fave albums of all time. sorta jandek meets scott walker or something...