Thursday, October 12, 2006


The bus driver was fuming about some 'stupid woman' who had wagged her finger at him, I think she must have been another driver at a crossroads. But a woman passenger just told him in her best Kath voice, 'Just think of something humorous, and you'll be right'. What a philosophy.

Speaking of 'she must have been', I seriously heard a student here on campus yesterday say emphatically 'should of!' I didn't realise people said this in real life.


Wiener said...

your kind have crazy you now that

cos said...

I just received an e-mail this arvo from Ben Sherman's marketeers that proudly starts off with

"your invited
to the gpo vip night"

then, a bit further down :

"Any women that purcase on the night will receive a free gift from [some company] will stocks last."

I know Ben Sherman aren't what they used to be, but really...

cnwb said...

I heard a double 'like' the other day. A university student said to his friend "Do you ever wonder what it'd be like to go to another university like, like Monash?"

And last night I was walking past the socialists on the corner of Swanston and Burke, and they were chanting "Occupation's not liberation" with regard to Iraq, although I thought they were saying "occupations not liberation", as in "the Iraqis need jobs, not liberty".