Thursday, October 12, 2006

hot day

It's going to be a hottish day today they say I intend to get to work relatively early and then cower there most of the day though I do have to get out to the state library at some point for more hijinx. Actually to trawl through issues of a Doncaster newspaper from the 1950s. I am looking for material on Park Orchards in the 50s and 60s. You got any? The question 'where's/what's Park Orchards?' doesn't count as 'material', thanks anyway.

The Sopranos wasn't on last night. How freakin' lame is that. But there you go. You remember Pete Shelley once sang about 'Nostalgia for an age yet to come'? Well, that was ridiculous, but I think that's what anyone who tries to watch any series other than Rove Live on television is fostering. We just know that in a few years television as we know it is no longer going to happen, anything close to a minority interest is going to be shuffled off to the side, so if we can watch a bit of a quality television series on a weekly basis like our ancestors used to, we should try. (Actually that's probably just me and Mia. No-one else we know is trying. I keep talking to my mother about the current series of The Sopranos and she says 'No! No! I'm only up to series three!' she gets it from the video place in Rathdowne St where they keep a record of where she's up to!)

Meanwhile on a really dependable series, Neighbours, things are spiralling out of control. I am utterly uptight about the Sky baby Carmella's cousin crazy shit, and I think the whole Sky's baby business is complete bollocks from beginning to end (surprise surprise but there, I said it). Sky has gone from being the most interesting Ramsay St character, with her manga and her discovery of 'new' music etc (I loved it when she tried to interest Boyd in ESG) to the most pedestrian. She's not even pedestrian now - she's lying down all the time and Karl's interference is even more ludicrous than usual.

Mad Max is moderately interesting, though I am reminded of the episode of It's Garry Shandling's Show where Garry is so uptight about the network boss Mr. Stravely coming round for dinner that he keeps imagining his girlfriend is verbally abusing him ('Stravely... that's a stupid name, isn't it?'). Warning: when you hear someone speaking as if they're talking through a megaphone from inside a shoebox, they're probably not really saying it. And all the time the Robinsons keep berating Max for running Cam over, there's never once any acknowledgement of extenuating circumstances i.e. he was the identical twin of an evil person who Max believed had just escaped from a secure location. Anyway whatever.

By the way re: the IGSS link above I notice that the author of that piece incorrectly claims Randy Newman sang the theme song. She's thinking of Cop Rock. But who isn't.

Back to Neighbours for a second, Katya - Ned I do not care.

Rachel - Stingray I think they should stay together.

Toady appears to have vamoosed with no fanfare. I assume he will return. Or a spinoff?


Galaxy said...

The Sopranos wasn't on last night? Oh, thank you, thank you. I had a horrible day yesterday which involved a long sad tale in which university office door keys and house keys were lost; I had to call my sister to rescue me; then I attempted to tape The Sopranos at her place, but her husband has the DVR on some wacky Foxtel setting, indecipherable to the female mind, so I ended up recording 75 mins of blank screen... And now I found I haven't missed anything? Oh, there is a silver lining amidst all the key replacing that's going on. Thank you for letting me know--although I guess you were complaining. Ahem.

Isn't The Sopranos just excellent this season? The whole coma/unconscious/dream stuff... Your mother doesn't read this blog does she? Will I be spoiling it for her?

David said...

My mother is waiting for the guy at the place where she hires videos to explain blogs to her.

Yes, I've been really enjoying the Sopranos this season though I don't find it quite as compelling as previous seasons - when I found out it wasn't on, I figured... well... I've already been offered a downloaded version... and I guess it's time to just give up on real tv altogether, except for the essentials (Neighbours, Rage, late night British films on the ABC)