Friday, October 06, 2006

So are those steals from The Simpsons in the Family Guy meant to be IRONIC?

I mean, like, last night when Stewie is talking to pipe-smoking stockbrokers and he blows bubbles out of his pipe; or more comprehensively, the Lois/Marge is way too good for Peter/Homer thing. God, I don't really care, but god, it's annoying not to know exactly where they're coming from at The Family Guy. I suppose they're coming from the 'christ we're on a good wicket' school of television.

I am listening to loud Midnight Oil this morning, in preparation of course for this evening's prac-tease with the classic Cannanes line-up together again for the first time in 23 years as individual members strive to induction in the Indie Rock Hall of Fame in Otter St. It will be great to play music with Ole Man Gav Butler again.

I know many of you will remember my classic 'hell freezes over' quote back in the day but what can I say, Joe Walsh must of slipped something in my mickey. We were playing with the Party Boys at the time, the Ole Man Swanee line up. I met most of my best friends on that tour, at the Lady Bay as it happens. I lost them there too - swings and roundabouts. Every time I pop into that branch of Fishtails or is it Fishtales or Fishscales, down by the beach where the fumes make you sick, I think about those days, and wonder what Joe's doing. Then usually he comes back with some fish he found, or an action man with no head.


boy said...

Shakes alive!! (I have no idea what this means).

I don't know what to make of your third paragraph I've suddenly developed violent spasms in my back

David said...

I think I was scatting

annabel said...

more like knocking back the taz/tazzle or young plum juice.

R. Buchstansangur said...

Wow. I was a huge fan of the Cannanes way back when and I just randomly stumbled across your blog. Is there really going to be a show with the the original line-up? Do other Cannanes know about this? When? Where? I'd love to be there. I am moving to Sydney from the US forever on Nov. 2. Do you still do comics? I have an old one of yours still on my coffee table, people always love it when they come over.

-Todd Denney
Madison, WI

David said...

Todd, get that important artefact off your coffee table, it should be in a museum.

Do other Cannanes know about this? No, it's inspired by the Thai coup of a few weeks ago - and secrecy is an important element so please do not tell. The original line-up would include people now dead:

Peter Wells
Phil Keys
Percy Grainger etc but luckily we have fill-ins from the under 12s.

Yes I still 'do' comics thanks for asking but not often (actually I never did do them often). Which reminds me, are you taking your coffee table when you move to Sydney? I believe the Cannanes without me are playing a show on the 12th or something similar. Look at their extensive website for details.

David said...

It took me about an hour for the cogs to tick over and realise where I'd heard the name 'Buchstansangur' before. Of course it was the cartoon series Murun Buchstansangur from the mid-80s. Absolutely bizarre and very low-key series of five minute cartoons about a small creature who lives under a sink and (from what I've seen) never does anything. Rossiter was his boring, self-important and detested cousin.

R. Buchstansangur said...

Ar! Can't believe you know that. It was a FANTASTIC cartoon, one of the best ever and I can't get it out of my head despite not having seen it in 20+ years.

Looking forward to Cannanes reunion. I'll be the united states of american demanding "Felicia".