Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Our home computer, the hilariously named Lite-On (well that's the brand of screen anyway) can't handle Pandora, or anything really, except the vacuuming. And so I only get to utilise Pandora in the two days I am in the workplace. See http://www.livejournal.com/users/prawnwarp/ for good description/critique of what it does. Michael was introduced to it via Michelle who got it from me who got it from the previously mentioned http://bookerstreet.blogspot.com/ so it's all very hi-tech in the way that semaphore or lighting fires along the Great Wall is hi-tech.

What Pandora has surprised me by is the fact that I have even more of a predilection for prog-rock than I thought. My 'Soft Machine' station has brought forth The Nice and Van Der Graaf Generator - both very interesting - and yesterday I asked for music in-the-style-of Todd Rundgren and got Gentle Giant, who I'd never had the slightest interest in before, but who really appealed. Also the Raspberries who I also knew I liked but I think I want more.

It's CRAP with Australian stuff.


michael said...

Thanks for linking to me. I checked out the Nice on Pandora following your recommendation. I had no idea Keith Emerson was so capable of getting down with his bad self.

David said...

I think you were the person who first said 'it's crap with australian stuff' - I was going to write more on that topic but was interrupted (the people whose house I was burgling came home).