Wednesday, September 14, 2005

fast and wild computers and various meanderings

Our home computer is so slow it's more like a clay tablet. You sit down in front of it do some easily stupid thing and you're still there waiting for it to load up some ad or other. There is bound to be a new syndrome half way between RSI and the flu, related to slow computers.

Comparatively when I am in the workplace using the computers (as I am at time of writing) I feel like I am in some kind of speeded up film. If all I knew was the home computer and I saw someone getting such instant results from a computer in a film, I'd say 'god, that's so realistic'.

Last night's Simpsons wasn't so great. At least I only watched the first ten minutes because usually when I watch a new Simpsons on my own I think, 'fantastic I'll have to watch this at least once more!' and I'm happy to sit through it again when Mia is there. But in this case I really didn't feel that comfortable with it. It was the one about the rapture. Maybe I just felt guilty.

I spent most of yesterday writing my postdoc application. I really thought I had the stuff together but in fact ultimately I'm not that happy with how it's turned out. It doesn't really convince me. Mind you the stuff I've written that has convinced me has never convinced the powers that be - so maybe it's time to try a new tack.

It didn't help that Pace Rabbit kept appearing before me asking for his bone.


bls said...

what is pace rabbit.

shermy said...

What is this, Jeopardy?