Wednesday, September 28, 2005

big in jacana

I had to go to DHL yesterday to pick up a parcel. It was the Italian translation of my book actually. Looks very nice, they've turned the green parts of the cover into red, now I have three versions on my shelf. I don't know anyone who would rather read my book in Italian but I assume, well I hope for the publishers' sake, there are some.
Anyway, the first weird thing at DHL, which is out at the airport, is there was nowhere at all to park. I drove around for a while trying to figure out where I could possibly locate myself for a short time. There were a number of car parks but they all looked like you needed a swipe card for them. Crazy. In the end I just parked out the front on the grass, actually blocking a grassy driveway which luckily no-one seemed to want to use, which led (as far as I could see) to a rather exciting looking nether region of the airport with a rubbish-tippy looking area.
Anyway I went in to DHL and asked for my parcel, I had my card and everything, and the woman said where do you live and I said Jacana, and she said where's that? And I said, it's less than ten minutes from here, and she said I've never heard of it. I looked at the screen where she had brought my parcel details up and they had my address as Lorraine Crescent, Japan.

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bls said...

guess you better change your profile to reflect your recent relocation to japan!