Sunday, March 29, 2020

i just love the studs

I know there's a story to The Silver Studs/ The Studs but I have backwards negative fucking no idea what the hell it might be.
I went looking for information online and found something I'd written about their beginnings in camp rock theatre but it was a bit of a non sequitur let's be reasonable. Their biggest hit was 'Funky Feet' and they made a video for 'Dr. Bop' on, I think, the set of The Young Doctors. Seems like Chrissie Amphlett is in the video. 

I'm pretty sure Gino Latorre is dead. Lance Reynolds lives in New York, according to fb. I wonder what he does. 


Wayne Davidson said...

In 1976 I won a prize pack* on Flashez and it included an autographed Silver Studs 'Happy Days' album**. They read out my name on TV. It was an exciting moment.

*Said prize pack also included Paul Simon's LP 'Still Crazy After All These Years', Skyhooks' 'Straight in Gay Gay World', a 7" single of 'Sad Rock And Roll/Hot Cookie' by Ray Burgess and a Flashez sticker which proudly adorned my school folder that year and beyond. I only have the Ray Burgess single now (I think).

**I gave this album to Debbie Netlingham some time in the 1980s.

David said...

That's such a weird bunch of records, but something for everyone I guess. I wish I had got a Flashez sticker, I deserved one, I loved that show