Monday, August 15, 2016

zakopane's upside down house

I can't pretend to understand what the idea is here but I do know that sheltering from the Zakopane rain in a street attraction known as the Upside Down House there was more fun and delight than I saw anywhere at all in Zakopane in the time I was there. I mean other people experiencing fun and delight, me, I was not entirely convinced. 

(I realise the true visceral thrill of seeing things like this upside down is kind of minimised by the fact that they might just be pictures of things the right way up, but turned upside down. What can I do or say to prove that they are not?)

Not sure what role the three musicians below play in the Upside Down House story but there they are. 

Every night across Poland and probably the world little kids are laughing themselves to sleep thinking about the Upside Down House.

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Annabel said...

Tops, I mean 'like'.