Sunday, August 14, 2016

more zakopane

So a few hours after the museum and the cessation of rain I ventured out again. This time in pursuit of a laundrette. Actually, there is one, but it's not a coin laundrette which is what I really want. Sometimes in a foreign land I feel very inspired to negotiate with people who speak other languages but usually I would rather just avoid. I know that's a shit attitude that shuts me off from the world. I also wish I knew the Polish words for 'excuse me', 'thank you', and so on but when I try to investigate what they might be they seem to be massively long and conditional. 

These pictures are less interesting than the others (IMHO) but whatevs or, as autocorrect would have it, 'wharves'. I took 'em, you look at 'em or don't, it's all good. 

Cool  house:

People taking pictures:
 People being people having their pictures taken:

 Annoyed face pillow:

Three little kids were looking out this window, it would have been an image for the ages spelling out innocence and wonder if I'd captured them two seconds before, but who cares, innocence and wonder are a dime a dozen:
 C U there:

 Almost as if I'd lost interest in writing captions
 Leaving in 5 and a half hours

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