Tuesday, August 02, 2016

back back back?

I don't know, I miss blogging and of course things have got a bit (can't remember the word - my grandmother Mavis used to say this thing about 'I can see the word, but I can't read it - she equated it with getting old but I bet she was like me, or the other way around, if something has to come first to be like something else, which it probably doesn't, anyway, I bet I am like her, I have always had this problem). It's a word like humdrum, and I'm thinking 'mediocre', 'mundane', but neither of those actually suit. It's another word. It will come to me.

Things have got a bit... around here. I was thinking of changing the name of the blog to either Lorrain't Crescent or Lorraine Crescen't. Probably the second because I'd never normally say 'ain't' about anything, anytime.

I am going to revive my work here however as I am about to set off on a European jaunt in a few days and I want to record it all for your benefit and also I suppose mine. Leaving early on Friday, keep Australia beautiful for me while I'm away please.

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dfv said...

A word that comes to mind is "samey"..Is that even a proper word?