Sunday, August 14, 2016

nosalowy dwór (zakopane, poland)

So I booked into Nosalowy Dwór Resort and Spa on a whim and out of fear. It's a million miles from anywhere I have any particular reason to be, but I guess that's half the point isn't it. The hotel itself is a delight:
It also has this bit, which I have to say is refreshingly about the only building I have seen in the general region that looks even slightly unlike every other building in the region. 
 Delightfully dopey lampshades:
 Quite like this as a motif I suppose and there were also a few of these at the breakfast buffet:
 You needed these to eat them with. Łoł
So the next bunch of pictures are from a walk I took on the morning of 11/8. The area around the hotel is basically just holiday units and I'm guessing (particularly by the big hardware store I also passed) holiday homes/weekenders. I could be wrong, but I don't see any other particular local industry aside from tourism. OK so here's my idiot's guide to being a non-local not understanding even the simplest thing:
 But seriously you tell me what on earth anyone is supposed to imagine that is about ^
This is a good example of the kind of architecture that you see round here. I suppose it's snow-resilient. I mainly just don't have even the layman's knowledge of materials or styles to know whether these buildings are new, partly new, old as croesus or what. The area dates from the 17th century. The structure below looks like a relatively new (brick) building embracing a complete wreck of a shed. Why would it?
This one borders on the blairwitchian, though I am told that Poland is riddled with unfinished houses where the owners had to go elsewhere and work for enough money to finish building their half finished homes. I admire that.
Nice vista.

Oh look, a gross metastasised one. Actually I'm assuming this is a hotel.
 This one looks like an immature form of the one above, one day will be a similar pinecone
Mist a bit
 Bread rolls hung from a picket gate on a garage out back of a unit complex.
New complex

Make no cultural assumptions about particular places being derilect or otherwise, who really knows. I would have loved to explore this dump.
 Living the dream there
Its front. The ghost of a large puma face seems to ride in the right-hand middle window, or is that just my psychic ability.

 Don't know what this is about
The truth of the matter is, I find this place generally pretty soulless and pragmatic. Some of it is interesting though. Here's the car park and the other part of the hotel complex for your edification.

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