Saturday, March 15, 2014

taco bill's on a saturday night


It's so interesting how often good ideas turn out to be bad ones. For instance, for some unknown reason I thought I might enjoy going to Taco Bill’s in Clifton Hill by myself for a meal. I really, really, really wanted mexican food – that was part of it (a big fat part). Also, while I’m not sure I had ever been to Taco Bill’s in Clifton Hill before, I was pretty sure it would be some iteration of a nostalgic experience. Once arriving there (in driving rain, which didn’t help the mood) I came to appreciate that I had probably not ever been there before and that it was a fuckin’ noisy place, particularly when filled with a bunch of rambunctious kids having a birthday party. I guess it was once a bank building or something similar, and the ceilings echoed extraordinarily. The food was fine (salsa particularly good) but the soundtrack was dreadful – I almost walked out the minute I walked in but then had a funny untrue  premonition that they would all be leaving very shortly and it would soon be a peaceful place (though still look like the inside of a 70s school cafetaria) anyway the noise was dire all the time I was there and I found it very troublesome, not that I was necessarily there to do anything enjoyable other than stop feeling very hungry. To add insult to injury the birthday children people turned the lights off to have a cake and candles (‘sorry other people!’, yelled an 8 year old girl; an adult associated with the party also came around and apologised, saying she did not know it was going to happen). Anyway all in all at the end of the day all things considered when you get down to tin tacks, I wish I hadn’t gone to Taco Bill’s on a Saturday night.

(This space left intentionally quiet)

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