Tuesday, March 25, 2014

another walk. alright i know they're not very interesting but i enjoy them and it's not like i'm wasting paper or even your time unless you're up for it.

Ferdy has an Albert Namatjira moment

Robert Smith 

 Tony Abbott always likes to see cranes on the horizon as they symbolise progress.

For this walk we broke the fourth wall of the Jacana Reserve/ Broadmeadows Sporting Club land and went south of the Western Ring Road towards Gowanbrae.

I must find out what this thing is, come back later re-edit this post and pretend I always knew and that you are a dummy for not knowing. 

 They love the water. Don't they.

 The seventies

 Grim 90s

Tag first, look up in dictionary later
 Can't get there from here

 I might have been trying to photograph some ravens

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Clarkey said...

Keep it up, love 'em all. Why is the landscape always golden when you're out and about? Something to do with the dogs' glow, perhaps.