Sunday, March 30, 2014

new mews

I freely admit there are an awful lot of dog walking photographs here lately to the degree that even I – who can really only appreciate their significance as records of major life chapters significant to me and to Barry and Ferdy – am starting to worry that I’m getting a little esoteric on it.

So look these are pictures of a walk Ferdy and Barry and I took on Saturday 29 March but they are more than just pictures of a satisfying and happy event they also serve as a record of what’s going on at the ‘Valley Park’ development about a km north of Lorraine.

I documented what was here before, before I knew it was going anywhere. It was the site of a small public housing development with a distinctly (and I never say this lightly) British feel, shared car parking space in separate small structures and little spot open play spaces hither and where appropriate also thither. See here here and here .

It was demolished I think around 2010 and the site including roads etc completely cleared. The next step has been a long time coming.

 The new houses through the trees.
 These are the old houses across the park, observing the scene.
 A bit of you know road.

More of the buildings being built at present.
 Someone planted a bunch of quite good trees.

The bridge is on one of those pictures from 3-4  years ago, with Charlie on it, which was kind of sad for me to see.
...although then again Charlie and all who loved her are probably lucky she didn't bite someone or start a fight with another dog, it was always  a bit fraught with her. Anyway the sign below continues to get up my nose for over a year and a half now because the footpath's still flamin' closed. 

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