Tuesday, March 25, 2014

sunday walk jacana reserve

See the map below pinched from google maps. The green is Jacana Reserve, and what is south of it is Broadmeadows Sporting Club land. At one point it was slated to be a golf course, how that was going to work is anybody's guess. 

Below: this is where the fence has been removed recently between Broadmeadows Sporting Club land and Jacana Reserve - looking west from about where the faint grey trail emerges from the Jacana Reserve.

The B'meadows SC land, which has very recently had all its bushes and grasses pruned very severely, is quite different.

Below; this is looking up the hill with the dividing line between the BSC land and JR very clearly defined.

 Looks like a bit of old gate

This is the dry wetlands. At present you can walk right across. The ground is a bit spongey but only on the very surface.
For some reason the open space - or the mix of open space and reeds? - made Ferdy very frisky.

Barry would not be playful off his own bat but he can be persuaded.

I guess with the right conditions this could be fossil footprints in a few million years. I suppose there will be fossils of shoeprints then.
 Makes you think

 Or not

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