Thursday, March 13, 2014

jacana reserve this morning between 6 and 7

These are not in order. That's why the light changes. 

I am quite impressed by the cactus garden planted at the back of this Gladstone Park home. Not sure if the fence is to keep the cacti contained or what.

The below image is something I've wanted to record for a while now. I mean, bizarre. These gates block off the stupid access road to the Western Ring Road that was a big part of the rebuilding of the new part of the road. Someone has smashed them, but I wonder if this was deliberate or not.

Below: Gladstone Park PS

Below Barry. Barry is so much like Millie it is sometimes scary. He is similar in attitude as well as looks. You probably think 'they all look the same' but I know they don't.
Ferdy. They were both on leads because it was so early in the morning everything apparently smells amazing at that time.

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