Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 20: only boring people get bored

Look, I haven't been bored, but I do feel a bit moribund. Today was to be a visit to the Finnish Museum of Culture, but guess what, Monday is a holy day in Finland so no go. Instead I went to an amazing antiquarian bookshop, and took a random train to a not very interesting part of Helsinki (not going to name it lest I have readers there). I think I have beaten jetlag but I still feel a bit seedy from time to time which is probably its legacy, and today has been a bit of a slump after yesterday's frenetic activity. Now I am in a restaurant called Ristorante Dennis ('since 1975') which served me the largest pizza that probably has ever been served to one person (there were no size options). It was pretty good and I wasn't hungry but I ate it anyway. Here is the view outside the window of Ristorante Dennis.


dfv said...

I am hoping to be in Helsinki next June. That bookshop would be good to see. Are any books in English?

David Nichols said...

I am not sure of the street address but this is the place: http://www.hagelstam-antikvariaatti.fi/
Yes, they do have a lot of books in English, though perhaps a country in which English was the first language (as opposed to the third) would be the best place for that kind of thing. Amazing shop but.

dfv said...

Thanks. Have bookmarked it.