Thursday, May 16, 2013


Who was it who invented the term 'first world problem'? I admire their clarity, vision and perspective. The last few weeks have been incredibly stressful to me, work issues mainly, responsibilities, things that have to be negotiated for other people's benefit, in the workplace. I know it's nothing compared to the living misery of most people and other creatures for that matter all around the world every moment. In fact, in most cases I can rationalise that I'm not making terrible decisions - just taking too long to make them. Which is probably just being cautious. It's worrying though that I keep waking up with a start sometime just before 5 am. Except this morning, when I woke up with the alarm and Bela meowing to have his breakfast, which he often does. If he's the cat who threw up on the doorstep yesterday that probz explains his hunger. Last night was a late one as I was moderator at a marvellously curated film night at the Boyd House where four excellent films (one from Oslo Davis, two explorations of Aust modernist architecture from Traces Films and the classic 1954 Your House and Mine from Peter McIntyre) were shown and the films' directors spoke about each one. Then Mia and I went to Noodle Kingdom and got huge plates of food. Noodle Kingdom is good. It is such a chain that there are two round the corner from each other Russell St - Bourke St. I liked the mixed tofu/vegetables I had because it had celery - classic old fashioned Chinese Australian food ingredient - but also some very good fungi. We didn't get back till 12:20 though and I was up at 6 to restock the vomiter. Two more days till I go to Finland. That's a metaphor - look it up.

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