Friday, July 01, 2011

trois flaneurs

Kenzie is staying at the moment. Charlie pissed on his head while he was sniffing a bush. I think he liked it. He then pissed on her front paws. She didn't seem to notice. Barry is happy to have Kenzie around as he is the best double-faceted friend: he is older and wiser than Barry but Barry is about twice his size now.


Marshall Stacks said...

great doggie fun pics, and I am glad you got bosom off the top there.
Only just caught up with the Chris Johnson piece on The Book.
In the Olden Days, 'salt of the earth' was the usual description for the demographic - do you think?
I will buy it soon - does the pioneer reality TV show Sylvania Waters get a mention?

David said...

No it doesn't unfortunately - I think it was in there at one stage but then excised for clarity mainly because I couldn't find a copy to watch again (otherwise it'd just be my hazy memories).