Friday, July 01, 2011

jim carrey

So I'm sitting here watching him in some film, and trying to remember his name. And I figure how interesting might or might it not be if I write about him for the time it takes me to remember his name, because I see it all the time, instant recognisability, but the only name my brain can come up with is Tom Hanks. Which is the wrong name. Then, 'Jerry...' something, which I know is also wrong. And I'm thinking, he is a talented actor who always ends up in crappy comedies, although I did really like Liar Liar... which this film that's on now is kind of like. I'm sort of enjoying it too because it has Rhys Flightoftheconchords in it, doing a very similar to Murray character, which works. I can't remember his name. I keep thinking 'Jerry Springer'. Now I'm going to have to go through the alphabet, which rarely works. B something, C something, D something, E something, F something... none of these are at all appropriate. Seems like a waste, I almost want to go backwards from Z instead. The film is Yes Man. Jim! Jim Carrey . Got it.

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