Wednesday, July 13, 2011

five years and one day since syd barrett died

I mentioned it then and got into a stir with a commenter in a really needless, frankly rude fashion (on my part). I even tracked that person down to a personal email and apologised but I am sure they never came by again.
I think some other person out of the Pink Floyd has died since, true?
Piper at the Gates of Dawn is pretty bad, but Saucer full of Secrets is ten times worse. In those days, record companies really invested in bands, and let them make mistakes. I wish they hadn't in the case of PF. Though I do quite like Obscured by Clouds.
What a meaningless post. Why did I do it.


Richard said...

I was glad when he died as he no longer had to put up with the rest of us banging on about him instead of listening to his great music. Now that's all we can do probably not many bother; we've all moved on to the new cult hero.
What a meaningful post.
Why didn't I do it sooner.
PS The word verification is GUNNAT. What a great word!

David said...

Great Richard. Who is the new cult hero, in case I missed it?

Richard said...

New cult hero = Lobby Loyde.
Don't I know my music.