Wednesday, July 12, 2006

syd barrett is dead

I don't have truly strong feelings about the death of Syd Barrett, except it's a pity that:

1. He probably had a pretty sad life for the last 35 years
2. His demise meant Roger Waters' ascension
3. When they said 'Syd Barrett' on the radio immediately a picture of Sid James popped into my head
4. Half of 'Piper at the Gates of Dawn' is crap
5. Radio National chose to play 'Shine on you crazy diamond' as tribute to him (Radio National gets almost everything musical wrong except when they give Tim Ritchie his druthers on that really late night show). Of course what they should have played was either:

The TVPs' 'I know where Syd Barrett lives'
Jesus and Mary Chain's 'Vegetable Man'

Or, you know, something by Syd freakin' Barrett.


mindlessmunkey said...

Shine On You Crazy Diamond was written about Syd Barrett. Surely that makes it appropriate, whether you personally like the song or not?

David said...

Thank you for that golden piece of information. Of course I know the song was written about him. Big deal. It's a crappy song and I don't want to have to hear it at any time, whether someone died or not. I think my nominated choice of I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives makes a lot more sense. What do you think? Do you think that song would be more appropriate or less appropriate? Admittedly Syd Barrett is neither living nor shining on, so... My point was really that Radio National has a shocking taste in music, and they would prefer to play a really poxy slick crapped out slice of mid-70s nonsense than an actually half decent and interesting song.

richard said...

it doesnt really feel like a death: more like the conclusion to a missing persons case.

the TVP song was actually the first one i put on at work today. not that it is a great song, either; i prefer the early tracks like chelsea parties (or whatever its called).

appropriately, he died the day after Pulse was finally released on DVD - allegedly delayed by years while gilmour managed to eek himself a bigger cut of the 'pie'.

mindlessmunkey said...

Wow. That was unnecessarily rude. Sorry I pissed you off. (And thanks for turkey-slapping me with your vastly superior musical knowledge.)

I wasn't defending the song, nor attempting to tell you something you didn't already know. Everyone knows that song was written for Syd Barrett - which is precisely why it's perfectly appropriate to be played on a mainstream radio station aimed mostly at Baby Boomers.

And the argument that he's not really "shining on" is a bit absurd - it's also hard to know where he lives anymore, no?

At any rate, if you hate Radio National's musical taste, why do you listen to it?

Mike said...

The TVPs song is the first one that popped into my head, actually. Followed by "See Emily Play," which is like watching home movies of a distant, now irrevocably lost golden era of one's life.

Mike said...

Last night The 7.30 Report used 'Interstellar Overdrive' as the backing music to a story about the new IR laws. A tribute from a fan on the production team, I guess, although it had little to do with a montage of building sites.

David said...

I was unnecessarily rude, and I apologise. It's the highwire act of the internet. I listen to Radio National because it has great taste in everything except music.

Anonymous said...

you don't like Shine On You Crazy Diamond and half of Piper is are a musical ignoramus

David Nichols said...

That's not your problem.