Sunday, June 26, 2011

dog walks

I can't stand people generally, but I'm still uncertain which of the following types I can't stand more: people who educate their children to be scared of dogs, or people who have never told their children not to run up to dogs and thrust themselves at them. Both are awful. That said, both our dogs have been stunningly good the last couple of days with all the people (tykes included) they have briefly 'met'.Today and yesterday, I have taken them on quite extensive walks. Yesterday we went through Hadfield (12 km round trip) with stops at the West St shops and the Silver Sage at Glenroy where as we were leaving Charlie got away from me and ran into the kitchen. Today we went to Strathmore in a train-walk situation, where we walked the equivalent of almost one way to Strathmore (7 km). On the way back Charlie drank deeply from a puddle.
Then she threw up and then drank a whole lot more from the same source.

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Anonymous said...

no people educate their children to be scared of dogs