Thursday, June 02, 2011


I got on a bus yesterday and the validator had an old ticket jammed in it with the back of the ticket facing out and someone (presumably the driver) had written on it, 'not working - sorry' only instead of 'sorry' it was 'sorr' with a smiley face where the 'y' should have been.
So, do we now pronounce smiley face 'ee' like someone says 'ee' when they have a fixed grin? That's my question for today.

* two and a half weeks later: another similar scenario but no smiley, just the words 'no working' and an asterisk


Ann O'Dyne said...

while I am composing an answer as good as the question, you might enjoy visiting the beagle shaped brick letterbox at
While fascinating every step of the way, it is a long undisciplined post so you will need to 'CNTL f' and enter 'Rubina Barooah' the genius brick beagler.

Anonymous said...

Hey hope you don't mind I'm posting this in the wrong place but just want to say congratulations on your book, saw the Age article about it today, I live in Fitzroy bogan delusion heartland, looking forward to reading it. Emma

David said...

Thank you Emma congratulations like yours can never come in the wrong place.

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Anonymous said...

Seems to be a similarly themed article here...of such coincidences is life made.

I was led to your blog by Dave Graney's tweet...haven't read anything by you since your work in Willo Papers in the early seem to have come along since then.

B Smith


Jacana is at the beginning of Zone Two. The gateway to the paradise that is Roxburgh Park and Craigieburn. These suburbs are apparently the new fertile spots for the social critics, palm trees slump in the heat from the hotness that comes with being a now suburb. Academics and social critics are championing the virtues of the pizza shops and walkways over the railway tracks. The walls are camouflaged in brandalism, which is what gets the refugees from East Brunswick all high, horny and woozy. They ‘like’ the lethally complex geopolitical phenomenon that is Jacana.

What do you mean your mother made you wear underpants from the old covers from bankbooks? Start again and go through it slowly, because this is the most amazing story I have ever heard.

David said...

Stephen you are a funny man. In so many ways.

clownfishdesign said...

Hi David, this is off-topic, but I just read your 'Age' article, 'Bogans, reindeers'.

Regarding the origins of the word 'Bogan', to the best of my knowledge it originated in Victoria.

In any case, I first heard the word bogan several in about 1985 - several years before 'The Comedy Company'.

I'm fairly certain the first time I ever heard it, was in a Melbourne Hardcore Punk fanzine, 'Pallative (sic) Treatment'. It was included in a list of slang words related to the Hardcore scene. It was defined as a synonym for 'yobbo'.

At around the same time, I saw it in a Letter to the Editor in the Geelong Advertiser, where a mother complained of her car being surrounded by 'bogans' at the Norlane Pizza Hut.

I still have the fanzine in a box somewhere, if you're interested.

Anthony said...

I think I first heard the term "bogan" in January 1986 when I got off a bus having travelled to Perth. So those Perth gals knew what was what. They had to explain it to me. And me having come from Glenroy and all (one stop south of J'acana)

But as for the book, you've done well, you've done well

David said...

Thanks Anthony, there was an interesting letter from a Perth person published in the WA Sunday Times a couple of years ago (and deleted from the book MS at the last minute as too obscure/unreliable) claiming 'bogan' as a word of Perth origins. I heard of 'bogs' (from WA) before I heard of bogans.