Friday, October 15, 2010

maw etc

I went and got my tooth fixed. It took a week to happen because we were so low on money this week and also because I was unwilling to dip my toe into the water of dental work in case it rendered me unable to do my extra large teaching load this week. As with so many remarkably selfless acts I have undertaken, it was dead easy because I am terrified of the dentist and it didn’t hurt, just felt a bit like a gaping maw in my mouth, which I guess is what it was.

I tried out a new dentist. This was for unfair reasons, possibly. I called the dentist I had been to previously when the tooth broke after 3 on Saturday, and I am pretty darn sure their recorded message said they were open until 5 on Saturday, though obviously at that time they weren’t, and that annoyed me and I thought right I’ll teach you I’ll go to the dentist my father goes to which he recommends so highly. They called me back on Monday morning and when I mentioned it they denied ever claiming to be open till 5 on Saturday. So maybe in my freaked out state I misheard or misunderstood. Whatever. This morning I went to new dentist and it was a lot like being in an early 1970s sci fi film that borrows on the imagery/ concepts of narcotic drugs in representing a sanitized death clinic or perhaps heaven. I loved it I guess. It didn’t hurt, at any rate. (Not yet anyway, I’m still numb in the left side of my face). Every time I opened my eyes the dentist seemed to be silently consulting in gestures with the dental nurse, which made me feel like something truly awful must be happening, and they were about to put me into their emergency ward to have my lower jaw removed. But this didn’t happen, unless I’m dreaming being on the train right now. If I was in an actual drug dream it probably wouldn’t rain heaviliy like it is now and the girl opposite me wouldn’t be tearing into her fingernails with her teeth and other fingers the way she is, as these are not things that I equate with serenity, particularly the second mentioned thing.

OK so Barry has been with us two days now. He is of course delightful, but it did bring home to me once more (as have so many things) what a smart and well-trained dog Millie was – we put a lot of work into her! And she learnt. Charlie, as probably previously mentioned many times, is less easily trainable because of her relative lack of interest in food and her obsession with what other dogs do. Barry is probably pretty trainable right now, because consumption of food is his main goal.

Charlie is not besotted with Barry and one of the first things she did to him was try to roll him on his back. Kenzie understood this as his role the first time he met Charlie; he submitted almost immediately. Barry is not a submissive dog though. He was in a bean bag yesterday jumping around and Charlie saw her chance to flip him on his back; he kicked her in the face (but I think she might still have felt some satisfaction from seeing his little belly for a split second). He seems totally unperturbed by Charlie’s growling. Kenzie has been with us for the last day or so and Barry has even tried to climb on Kenzie’s back a couple of times. He is possibly more people oriented than dog oriented however. Anyway I’m not worried about the Charlie-Barry thing, I reckon when he gets a little bigger and becomes a walking companion etc, Charlie will be happy to have him. One thing I will note is that whereas Monday and Tuesday nights Charlie could not settle or cope, now that Barry’s here they can sleep outside together and she is contented. She has always had other dogs around, her first 18 months or so was as part of a pack, and then there was always Millie, so she was never alone. I think she was started to fear a lonely old age.

Natalie (and Marc probably) are going to puppysit tonight while we endure Glastonbury style the insane weather conditions of this evening’s Powderfinger spectacular. As per Edna Everage at least we will be able to say we saw them, and not in some dumb old reunion. Nothing bugs me more than people who think they saw the Buzzcocks because they saw them tour Australia in 1990 or they saw the Laughing Clowns because they saw them in 2008. GET REAL!

That’s not true many things bug me more but there needs to be a new terminology.

Also why, when I put my memory stick into any computer, does it instantly load iphoto?


lucytartan said...

Si is that what they do with a tooth that's broken because it had a huge filling in it? I've got one of those and I don't know what to do about it. It's been broken for a couple of years.

boy moritz said...

Am I the only one who thinks you toothless would be quite cute