Monday, April 05, 2010

rowland and ollie at trash

I saw this on Rage a few months ago and it was (and remains) incredible!!!!! I assume Trash is the shop that Karen Ansell and Uschi Flett ran? Ollie and Rowland's band (Young Charlatans) played about 10 times I gather. How could they not have been incredible!?


BwcaBrownie said...

Yes. incredible to see Olsen so fey and coy when facing a camera.
Those were the days my friend.
Later, his ego was terrifying and I used to hide when I saw him coming. John*Murphy also. scary ego.
Rowland said his parents thought he was a wimp, but they came to the Crystal Ballroom to see him play with The BND. His father was extremely charming, and worked in Canberra I think - we all went 'Ha! ASIO'.

Anonymous said...

Such precocity! There was a certain young fella who at 17 got as good an interview out of MES as anyone ever...

Forster was dead right about the Bowie influence in Melbourne then - it added a sophisticated sheen that Brisbane didn't even aspire to aspire to. D Graney has described what he learnt from Harry about Rowland and the Nuna scene he sprang from.

stizewo - i've got one of her singles somewhere.