Wednesday, April 21, 2010

birthday cut my foot

Every morning I go out to greet the beagles it is a tradition and there is no reason not to do it on my 45th birthday. They generally respond with reasonable gusto and I don't think it was extra gusto on behalf of Master's 45th (315 in dog years) that had me thinking that, somehow, Millie had scratched the heel of my foot (as opposed to the heel of my ear). It bled a bit and I thought little of it but it got more and more painful throughout the day until by mid-afternoon I could put no pressure on it. Last night revealed it was actually quite a deep hole, nothing surely to do with Millie who is a very powerful creature but not in the habit of stabbing people in their feet and why start now.
So I spent my birthday hobbling and feeling weary and woozy, I am not sure why those last two came upon me as well, but they did, and in fact I wasn't even able to stay up and watch QI. Imagine. Is this what the rest of my life is going to be like.


AB said...

You can iview QI but you'll never have your 45th birthday AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

I love the phrase "greet the beagles" - it is sort of like "meet the beatles" but better...

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Anonymous said...

Yes. This will most certainly be the pattern the rest of your life shall take. Not only holes in heels, suddenly holes in hands and possibly bleeding, nostril hair, incontinence, waxy ears, and "greet the beagles" is a brilliant LP title.