Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I won’t say reasons to be cheerful as that is a cliché but that is probably my meaning. There are a lot of things around at the moment that are likely to make a 44 year old white man living in the suburbs of the large Australian city in which he was born feel relatively content. I am not saying it is as thus and shall always beest, and nor am I saying that the fact it is thus means it should always be. All I am is noticing this is presently the case. I don’t wish to be smug or to invite karma off smugness… OK disclaimer over.

I enjoyed seeing She’s out of my league. I thought it was really a pretty funny film. I have always had a sick leaning towards entertainment I didn’t have to think about much. It cushions and lulls me. I don't feel guilty.

We got this really big pumpkin out of our backyard. It was amazing. Mia reminded me it is not just a case of a natural accident, that she cultivated it, which of course I know to be true. I was thinking only yesterday about that annoying ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ saying. It is annoying because a pumpkin we might otherwise have paid money for grew on a plant in the backyard. OK. It was delicious.

I am liking this Yo La Tengo album which came out I guess late last year and which I am listening to now on the tram.

I really liked Jim Crace’s latest book.

It’s autumn, my favourite time of year, and coming up to my birthday.

We had some children round our house on the weekend who were blithely and aggressively patting Charlie and she didn’t savage any of them once.

I’m getting an electronic drumkit for my birthday.

Also, eggplants are still frequently appearing in the backyard. These are eggplants that if you saw them in a shop you might buy them even if you don’t like eating eggplant. (I do, a lot) just because they look so amazing.

I have a great podcast regimen now, based on NPR, Radio National, and Radio 4. There is pretty much a new program for me every day, sometimes 2. Oh, also I listen to Boxcutters, which isn’t a radio program made into a podcast – it’s just a podcast.

I walked alongside the Western Ring Road today to the Airport West tram. It took about an hour. It was fine.

Alright now I am starting to think of more things and they are starting to be less marvelous and bug me so I will stop this list now. Thanks for your indulgence.


Anthony & Rochelle said...

I love this post. And I love how we feel the need to qualify our happiness, and make it clear that we are under no illusions it is permanent! Was it Vonnegut who said "please notice when you are happy"? - Rochelle

Anonymous said...

Why worry about using clichés at this stage in the game Dave? You're the King of clichés. You've made a virtue of a vice - as you might say!
Stephen Cummings