Thursday, December 11, 2008

keep on moving

I have been acting strangely the last few weeks and I am not quite sure why. The last week in particular I have become quite short with people (no jokes about my height thank you, it is average). I filled out a survey at the end of a seminar, for instance, where there would be no doubt in the minds of the surveyors when it came to identifying me as the writer, it was not rude, but it was blunt and silly and strange, what I wrote. Yesterday some colleagues mentioned a musical act they were going to see and instead of what I would usually do (simper), I said 'Aren't they rubbish?'. I accused a colleague for whom I have great respect of 'offloading garbage' onto me by offering me some actually quite useful publications after an office cleanup. So, this is what I have become.

Advice please.


Adam said...

oh david, that doesn't sound fun.

more sleep, maybe? That's what brings such behaviour on in myself.

Matron Jacques said...

Sounds like your usual self. Now have you finished that book? If not, hop to it.

Mark Lawrence said...

How about a holiday? I know Xmas is coming up, so it may seem a moot point, but I recognise many similar symptoms in myself, and worse - I'm acting like that with my family too!

I am desperate to go away for our holiday in Qld next week (includes time with my parents, who're turning 70). While experiencing a fair bit of stress about finishing a project/deadline before I go on leave (so the holiday comes back to bite me...).

Still, it's well worth a try...

Annabel said...

You could perhaps start a City of Hume drumming group for men or start taking Rhodiola.

In the meantime

FJSG said...

instead of what I would usually do (simper), I said 'Aren't they rubbish?'.

Keep up the Good Work

Ann O'Dyne said...

Blame it on the boogie.
Many of our favourite
Famous People are Blunt and Strange, and all the more beloved for it, so I am aggravated that more-mortal people don't get away with it too.

(inspired by having just read 'Positively 4th Street' on Dylan and Richard Farina, and Mark Ribowsky's Phil Spector book.
Rudolf Nureyev was known for being a pig but his mantel was crowded with invites.)

spades of said...

You got loads of advice, huh?
Makes up for the fact that I have none. What position am I in to be giving anyone advice? I have a mouthful of ulcers and I just ate a packet of burger rings. Fucking ouch.