Friday, August 29, 2008

star kissed

Though little known, this is surely one of Dragon's best moments (but then, so are most of them). I particularly love the imprecation at 2:20 - never has a band been so desperate in song (they were starving) but for that matter never has a truth been so foretold. Self-evident even then? It didn't make people buy this single, but then it was a one-off on Vertigo to tie in with their Status Quo support, so there was no record company investment on any special level and so no 'push' like they'd be getting from CBS within a year.

From an interview I did with Ray Goodwin four or five years ago: 'It’s really just a cocky egotistical song, saying "this band is just destined, and sooner or later it’s going to happen."'

Quiz: 1. Is Marc's 'Is it too much to...' at 1:36 a boisterous mistake?
2. Is Paul Hewson cool - or?
3. Is Todd enjoying himself?
4. Is Robert Taylor the nicest?


Dan E said...

Yank that I be, I know not of this Dragon, but they sure sound right in my wheelhouse. What would be the best record of theirs to track down?

David said...

Wait for the reissues of the first two albums Universal Radio and Scented Gardens for the blind. Out before the end of the year. Or in the meantime O Zambezi is their greatest work IMVVHO