Thursday, August 21, 2008

lake and reserve

I wish I had pics to show you but don't. Too lazy. That's the thing with new technologies - all the potential but then laziness nips it in the bud. Anyway, Mia saw a native water rat at our local pond/creek isthmus a few days ago, which is hot news for everybody, really. In other sightings someone has dumped a car on the hill there (possibly waywardly looking for native water rats) and then somebody else has totally smashed the shit out of it, at least, there was no shit in it when I saw it.

The fauna domestically is kind of the same old story, Bela still bashes Asha, Charlie and Millie carry on their usual dance of destiny, although incidentally two nights ago they had a very atypical contretemps at 3 am when Millie had a bone she'd dug up and she was freaking out about Charlie wanting it, which she may or may not have, but Charlie being Charlie wouldn't leave the issue be.

Also, we have some spiders and last night there was a fly in the bathroom.

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Spanish Tony said...

Water rats? Smashed up cars? Good times.