Friday, August 29, 2008

be veg

I am very much aware you can't really see this picture, or rather, what it's of, which is what I suspect might be a pirate train ad, which is to say, it looks like a big poster which someone has stuck in the train carriage but it doesn't look that official. It is an advertisement for vegetarianism and I don't quite get it, though I am intrigued by (1) the young white girl on the left and (2) the blasted to hell Australia on the right. But since you can't see it, we can't talk about it.


Kirsty said...

I clicked on the image and managed to make out the caption. I see that Australia has become the world replacing the usual 'America is the world' representation. What else would you like to discuss?

lucy tartan said...

I've seen that ad. It wouldn't have been the same train carriage would it?

David said...

Did the carriage you were in have a slightly ripped seat cover in the third row from the aft?