Friday, September 07, 2007

john howard is a shit

I wish John Howard would fuck off and die.
It amazes me how much respect there seems to be in so many sectors of US society for the office of president, or rather, whoever happens to hold that office, as long as they hold it. There is somethng semi-religious about it. We aren't up for that much here, or are we? I know that my absolute outrageous hatred of Kennett dissipated considerably the day he finally conceded defeat. I guess it was partly the circumstances in which he went (not smugly) that stopped the bitter aftertaste, only occasionally revisited when the present government refuses to fix the things he broke eg public transport (maybe Brumby will come good on this, at least he's recognising a problem). But Howard, that curmudgeon, is so amazingly hateable, I can only even see Rudd in terms of Howard alternative eg I can't take him on his own terms and to me any alternative is a grand alternative because it's an alternative. Peter Costello would at least look like something had changed.
In the last six months or so of Hawke's tenure I remember thinking, many times, I can't believe he's still the PM. It felt like walking through a dream of the past, and wanting to get on with the future.
Anyway, when Howard does fuck off and die, which will surely one day happen, I can't believe I still won't hate him, for his mean smug limp snide cunning. I feel he is the sort of person that I would hate if I fell into conversation with him at the railway station waiting for a train, except of course John Howard probably last waited for a train 45 years ago and I didn't mean to bring up public transport again.

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