Friday, September 21, 2007

happy fish in edithburgh

I am not sure why they're happy but I suppose they live each day as if it were their last. Edithburgh was once (80+ years ago) the third busiest port in South Australia, which can only mean the fourth was the size of a pea. Very beautiful town though and yesterday it was marvellous weather (17 or so degrees and no wind). When you go there I recommend the Garage Diner in Blanche St. They only opened last week, and are filling a need. This is the scene out into the street from the interior of the diner. Unfortunately the pinhole shoebox camera I made to view eclipses makes the interior of the diner look darker than it really is. I can assure you that they do have light/s.


Viagra Blog said...

Good recommendation, I visited Garage Diner once and it was a wonderful place to spend a nice and quiet time.

David said...

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