Friday, September 14, 2007

fragments of conversation between four girls overheard on the train last tuesday

- Do you want to read this book I have, I've got to return it today. The writing's not bad. Do you wanna?
- Nah
- So I go to work, and I say do you want to borrow the James Hird book, I've read it, do you want to borrow it and she said you're returning my present, I'm really offended. I'm not returning it. It's like, 'I've got to go and buy it so James Hird can get more money!'
- She's a Collingwood supporter. 'I thought you really wanted it.' Yeah, it wasn't bad.
- It's a collector's item
- Is it actually signed, or photocopied with a pen?
- She used it for toilet paper
- We should get this train all the time.
- Aren't you guys going to be late though?
- How many people, is it a sold out event?
- 80 000 people
- They said that Essendon-Tigers match sold out 88 000, there's just members' tickets only.
- When the 7th came out I went and bought it
- You just want to read the whole series.
- Aren't they like fifty?
- It depends if you want the hardcover.
- I heard what happened
- I wanna know who dies
- Don't wreck it for me!
- It's this person isn't it.
- No, C-!
- Just say yes or no.
- Did she write it?
- I just finished the fourth book.
- Have you seen the recent movie - you know how Silar dies - is it Silar?
- Sirius!
- You're thinking of Heroes
- Do you watch Summer Heights Highafter The Chaser?
- No
- I'm just going to write the name in my thing and you say...
- Oh my god, J-
- Is it this person?
- Yes but
- Don't tell me! I don't want to know. Just say yes or no.
- But it's a twist
- She doesn't want to read them - she's lazy
- So she doesn't die?
- It's a he!
- So the girl-boy doesn't die?
- How long does it take you to read those books?
- I'm nearly half way through the fifth one.
- Is it good? Is there a twist?
- What's happening on the weekend?
- How was she on the way home?
- I found out on that date J- and S- she didn't go to the bar with them, she just sat there.
- I just realised now that I shouldn't have done that.
- It annoys the crap out of me.
- In the car, I was giving directions J- making really stupid... I was like M-, shut up. She acts it, she puts it on.
- It's annoying.
- She's a cheap drunk.
- She's not that bad. She's funny.
- You know why - 'cos she doesn't drive.
- She had a cosmopolitan, which is $15. She had a Cor- Cor- what are those? Corona.
- She was really gone.
- It's embarrassing
- They were like talking to you
- After that day he messaged me, 'is it weird me asking for your number, M- was all over me, you were the only one acting normal'
- Guys don't like seeing girls messed up like that unless they are too.
- How many people went to that match?
- Not much, 64 000.
- If we win we either play Port, Kangas or Hawthorn
- Now I'm happy we're where we're at
- We played so good. There hasn't been a win that good.
- Best game we played the whole season. We travel really well interstate. We lost by 12 points, I thought we played so good that game, they didn't have Cousins, Judd and Kerr
- No one can go past Judd
- Did you see him last week?
- You doing anything? Row D - whereabouts? We were sitting next to these two Americans, it was their first football match
- Do they play rugby or grid iron? What the hell's this?
- Have you gave it to her yet?
- That's why I bought her the DVD
- Did you hear about how she threw her tickets out?


Dorian said...

Heh. I have a small collection of train conversations I have secretly recorded to mp3, including people coming home from football games.

David said...

Train conversations are so often performances.
In this case, there was one girl in particular who was practically the MC.
But I could only give a little impression of what this conversation was like (and of course the best bits were before I started to think, hey this is really interesting and plus I'm forced to listen to it anyway so I may as well write it down)