Tuesday, September 18, 2007

it's a slv gripe tuesday!

Hey I don't want to come over all 'poor Asian languages' or anything, heaven forbid, but what's with the locker renting screens at the SLV and their weird Eurocentricness? How many Finns or Portugueseans or Danes come to the SLV with insufficient English to rent a locker? My research says 2.7 every ten years. And by the way, I'd like to know who was on the committee that put the Australian flag on the 'English' button. And why no Esperanto or Flemish?

And by the other way this is only the beginning of a huge complaint about the SLV lockers, but I think I'm saving that for a privately-published screed, subscriber-only, I think it's about time you people stopped getting my whinge nuggets for nothing.


Anonymous said...

Don't hold back. Please post your SLV locker gripes. As a fellow SLV locker-user, I'd love to hear them (your gripes, that is).

DoriaN said...

Don't they even know that we speak Australian here?