Saturday, July 08, 2006

flywheel show

Here is a picture of tiny Gavin who plays in Flywheel. He is the bass player. I actually took this picture because I wanted to show the world that, despite his big tough talk, Gavin does not always play with his legs apart like a hard rockin' devil dude, but sometimes he puts his little legs together, just like a well-behaved girl. But when I got the picture back from the chemist it dawned on me he is really a very little feller, much much smaller than his bandmates. He's practically elfin.

The Flywheel show was very entertaining, and they sounded superb. Saturday afternoon at the Rob Roy. If you ever get a time machine I recommend you go back and attend.


Sadie said...

I actually do have a time machine, but im saving it for a special occasion..

sadie said...

boy said...

He's a party favourite around Christmas