Sunday, October 23, 2005

once again the glitterous lights of the city beckon

We went to the Public Office last night to see Marc play a fairly impromptu set along with Kids from Russia (argument later in the car between myself, Mia, Chris, Marc? about how much they were or were not like You am I, also an argument about which Kid was better looking - once the swap cards come out there is going to be much controversy) Talk Show Boy (a rapper, essentially, and about the skinniest guy I've seen, and a great t-shirt, saying More Nina Hagen Please. Toby asked me later, if Barrage is Marc Almond, what's this guy? And I said Neil Tennant but faster) and Crayon Fields, who really are an amazing band, a lot like Herman's Hermits crossed with Captain Cocoa and Haircut 100, with none of the disadvantages of any of those. Mid State Orange were on last but we were gone by then to hang out in the backlane at Fiona's birthday. I hadn't wanted to go to the party as we were not invited, except in the way of 'yeah tell everyone to come' kind of way, which is not acceptable in birthday parties in my honky protocol. Apparently there was a glitterous theme, as many were dressed up as blaxploitation transvestites or, in the case of Gavin, Donald Duck meets Harpo Marx. Sadie rounded on me and called me a fool when I suggested to her father that he might want to come to see Panel at the Pony at 2, but I knew (apparently she doesn't) that he never goes to see bands unless he's playing on the bill, a la Elle McPherson or Posh. But Chris, Shane, Olivia, Mia and I did go and see Panel, and they certainly packed a punch, and Justin Fuller was there marvelling at/obsessed with Dion's cut off gloweave windcheater and kept yelling 'do you have a hot torso?' and Chris got onstage in the last song and threw beer in Dion's face, and he also did something to a guy who was there taking photographs, I don't know what but I saw the guy point at Chris and mouth the word 'arsehole'. Then Chris pleaded to be taken back to the party just for a minute so we went and then of course he didn't want to leave but too bad. We got home between 4 and 5. I hope you enjoyed my Saturday night. Woke up at 1:00 today. Then we went and walked the dogs. Later in the evening Mia went on Alison's 3CR show, it was a really good show. I did some dishes and read Vivien Johnson's excellent book about Radio Birdman.


boy said...

That's a pretty accurate summary, but I honestly don't think I was there.

Contessa said...

I agree with party attendance protocol, especially when it involves formal in-the-post invitations.
You just feel slightly embarassed.
But then again I still use "an" before "H".
You didn't mention that I was completely non-plussed when
when I saw you in the laneway - you really should have come inside.
You were more than welcome. All the merrier.

David said...

Ah, Contessa
Non-plussed? Yet we were more than welcome? I think Chris wore out his welcome staggeringly quickly with his lewd suggestions. I did come inside actually, but only to get away from someone I didn't want to talk to. Came out again right away. I know my place.

contessa said...

Yeah, yeah, okay -I don't think I quite finish/compose that sentence correctly. Anyway, I did mean I was a little bewildered when I saw you in the laneway as I didn't know how you found yourself to be there. Anyway, if I had decided AT THAT point you weren't welcome to stay, I would have had no hesitation in letting you know. And if you are suggesting that I had implied anything else then I am bewildered yet again.
I don't remember Chris' lewd suggestions, but I imagine I would have ignored them as I HAVE heard them before.
I did have a brief conversation with your lovely wife and a photo with her,too.
If I see you in Bendigo on Saturday perhaps you can tell me who you were escaping from and what it was that made you need to come out again right away. Tough being caught between a rock and a hard place.