Friday, October 28, 2005

fires gone out

Spent a long time last night trying to relight the pilot light on the hot water. Someone's coming out this morning to 'look at it'. They charge $20/15 mins and a call out fee on top of that. Couldn't have come at a worse time moneywise. I suppose we 'need' hot water.


boy said...

You should have saved this post for after Christmas. It makes great filler. Just kidding. It's seriously a darkhouse contender for post of the week, December 25-31. It will probably be everyone's favourite selection. I'm gunning for something about Charlie, you know the one where he's yapping at the neighbour's dog and this dog is clearly bigger than him, but charlie doesn't care, there's a fence between them and good old Millie is up relieving herself on the verdant green, self-satisfied to an extent.

A.PLumber said...

Next time I'll come out. 20 buck, no call out fee